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    Depending on which provider you use, vehicle tracking systems can be a valuable asset to most removals companies. Apart from being a powerful deterrent for unauthorised detours, they can provide a host of information to help you streamline your business.

    The first consideration for any business is whether a tracking system will help the company to make and/or save money. A brief call to your insurance broker will give an indication of how much you can save on insurance premiums. Then there is the money that could be saved on fuel and wage bills by stopping the occasional detour to the drivers’ favourite café.

    Being able to see the location, direction and speed of all your vehicles in real-time has its own rewards. Whether you are updating your customer on the progress of the move, or arranging for one of your teams to go and assist on another job, you will have a far better overview of the situation than simply calling the driver and being told, “We’re on our way”.

    Most, (if not all) tracking systems will allow you to check on the speed, direction and location of your vehicles for any past date and time. This can help in all manner of disputes from issues about the service you provided, to accidents and collisions.

    Scott from Central Moves said: “Having them tracked has made a huge difference to the company in respect of insurance and performance of the drivers and staff in general”.

    There are many tracking system providers to choose from, so it’s worth looking around. Most will offer a free demo, so you can get a feel for the software and utilities they provide. As with most things, it’s not always about price so taking advantage of the demos and trials will help you to get the best value for money.

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